Nice podcast about measurements and sound quality

I recently enjoyed listening to the podcast below with Audio Precision, the company that makes test equipment for testing audio equipment.

The key points I took away was measurement don’t describe musical reproduction and the importance of comparing use case with use case - apples with apples. For example, we don’t listen to sine waves.

Hope you enjoy it too.


Thank you so much for posting this. In a way this should be mandatory viewing especially for those folk who claim that measurements are all that matters or for those who claim that measurements are irrelevant and all that you need to do is listen. This excellent presentation allows for some perspective.

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Mandatory indeed as Pete said! Thanks for posting.

Thank you for posting. An excellent and valuable listen indeed.

BTW, I was able to download the “How to write and read” file he referenced in the talk but not the “handbook”, as it asked for a username etc.