Newer model Vivaldi

Hello, I am the owner of dCS Rossini and four-block Vivaldi system and Vivaldi model has been produced for a very long time, but it seems like no newer models have been released lately.
I am in love with this brand and would like to know when the new dCS Vivaldi or higher model will be released?



A question broadly discussed in different threads on this forum, but if I can sum up I would say something like that: No, no news, few chance that you get some information before the next product is launched. The covid crisis does not help, electronic parts provisioning is more difficult and the lack of opportunity to present the product too (few hifi show)…So, you have to wait, but the good news in your case, is that you do have a fantastic system for listening to music already.

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Yes Chris has summed up the situation. dCS will not make any prior announcements before it is launched and no one outside of the company will have any knowledge about this.

As Chris also says you have a fantastic system to listen to already. I was listening to my Vivaldi stack yesterday and concluded that, to be honest, I do not really need anything better than this.

Here is a link to one of the existing threads on this topic ( you need to scroll back to the first post):

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