New users of DCS network bridge request word clock problem

I use the DCS network bridge as the master clock to send the WC.bnc to the clock signal to my DAC. The DAC has also been set to receive the WC clock signal and shows that it is locked, but the status bar of Mosaic always shows that it is not locked. When the NBR receives When the WC signal to the DAC, Mosaic will show that it is locked. I changed two 75 ohm clock lines to try to solve it, but it still didn’t work, and it still showed that it was not locked. What is causing this, please help, thank you

My network bridge does not have a clock out connection so I’m not sure how you are connecting to your dac. My dac clock out goes to the NBR clock in which works fine now that I have replaced the clock cable that came with the bridge which was faulty.

Hello, the bridge has a clock output, right next to the SDIF interface. In addition, the bridge does not seem to include a clock cable, only the power cable and the network cable

So it does! I assumed that the clock out was just for SDIF use but I was wrong. I was also wrong about the clock cable coming with the bridge, it came with the dac. Sorry. Do you know what assume makes?:smiley:

Your question has raised another one that I will create a new thread for.