New User in Waiting

First post just to say hello.

Four weeks into my wait for a Bartok so hopefully not much longer.

I may well have questions when it arrives😄

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Hi Neil,

Welcome aboard, and hopefully your new Bartók will arrive soon, and your happy listening can start. And if you have questions by then: your service team here is ready for you :wink:

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Hi Neil, welcome aboard. I can honestly say, that it’s well worth the wait. :grinning:

What dac/streamer are you currently using?

I was using a Nad T778 receiver with bluos in an attempt to simplify my system.
A Naim 272 prior to this.

I’m now simplifying the opposite way and reverting to stereo only.

Bartok should be a decent step up from the 272. Did you get the headphone version?

I don’t use headphones so opted for the non headphone.