New Roon software optimization delivers the best Windows/Mac experience

The new Roon 2.0.25 release includes performance improvements that benefit all Roon users, alongside some notable architectural changes for users who run their Core on Windows or macOS.

Isolating Roon’s principal processing and background duties from the user interface functions creates more predictable performance from both, reducing contention for computing resources. It’s the same separation of functions that premium audio manufacturers utilize for optimizing music playback.

The upgrade won’t change how you use Roon day-to-day, and all your current settings and preferences will stay the same. But moving forward, you’ll enjoy a smoother, more responsive, high-performance Roon experience if your Core is on Windows or Mac.

You might want to try this one, it is sounding even better!


Really an improvement SQ wise?

I think because of reduced contention for computing resources, but it is sounding a bit better. Better definition, separation. Maybe expectation bias, but never mind, it is sounding fine :wink:

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Running on a Nucleus+, I don’t perceive any change, either UI or SQ. But if someone is running Server on a Mac or Windows machine, I could see where the latest version would be a benefit.

Running Roon Server on my (intel) Mac, I do see a significant UI performance improvement from Roon Remotes (both iDevices and Compute), but definitely no change to the sound quality :slightly_smiling_face:

I am running Roon Server ánd Remote on the same PC. Not advisable, but that is my use case. With the new Roon software the disadvantage of running together is minimised, and the SQ is a bit improved.

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Erno, unless your PC platform was previously hitting Processor and/or Memory limits, or you were/are doing Roon Digital Signal Processing, there’s no practical way it can “sound” better.

If it indeed sounds different to you, that suggests one or the other (or both!) are not bit transparent! Thats a problem right there that needs solving :laughing:

Every DAC is bit transparent, but they do not sound the same… :wink:

Every DAC has an ANALOG output stage, of course they sound different.

Roon has no such thing :grin:

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Point taken, but the digital architecture also contributes to a different SQ. The new architecture of Roon reduces contention for computing resources. Although previously it was not hitting any limits of my PC, it is running more ‘freely’ now, in separated processes. That is good for my expectation bias :grinning:

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