New Lina Master Clock Review

Just stumbled across a review of the Lina Master Clock on The Audio Beat website. System won’t let me post the link for some reason. Anyway, sounds like it’s a nice match with the Bartók Apex.

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Here you go :smile:

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Thank you!

If you use this clock with the Bartok, it also impacts the headphone output?

My ears tells me that it does. I hope James or someone with dCS will weigh in. While I can hear the most improvement when listening to asynchronous sources, I also feel even disc playback is a tad better. I hear these improvements on headphones and speakers. YMMV

It’s a pity that you can not synchronise an external source to the Lina clock.

The Rossini clock has that extra connection, synchronising to an Aurender N20/30 is where the gain in SQ gets really clear. (IMO off course)


I have an N20 as the source for the Bartok. This is good to know.

It does, yes. All of the benefits you’d hear with the line outputs on speakers when adding a clock to the Bartók are there when using the headphone output - though naturally the audible effects will be a little different given the different presentation of headphones.

Definitely a very significant upgrade for headphone listening.

Does Aurender still supply that “dCS Dongle” RS232/DB-9 Control-port hardware to change frequencies on dCS Clocks on-the-fly?

Without that, you’ll have problems switching between 44.1k and 48k rate based tracks if you’re using the AES/SPDIF outputs from the Aurender (and clock sync’ed as opposed to received clock).

Yes, still available, 160,- euro in moremusic’s pricelist