New dcs player advice

all, I am reasonably new to this forum but looking to upgrade to a dcs rossini player. are dcs upgrades a big step up or more incremental?

Another member mentioned something similar in another thread:

Very curious to see what the change will be!

We already know that earlier in the year dCS had to cease production of Network Bridge as costs had risen and parts were no longer available. As these causes are worldwide and are affecting most industries in one way or another it is reasonable to assume that they have affected other current dCS products.

The change in electronics probably indicates changes to allow the use of parts that they can get rather than parts which are now no longer available or readily available.

is there an upgrade path for existing Rossini? My unit is not that old!!!

There are no upgrades yet available for Rossini.

Most products in the audio world that have long production lifespans experience internal component changes that are unknown to users outside of the factory. However we are now in difficult times due to the onward effects of the pandemic and other causes such as the devastating fire at one major chip manufacturer ( AKM).

In this case, if true, a change to electronics is taking place together with a price inflation. However there is, as yet, no official word on this and I therefore think it premature to expect the change in electronics to necessarily be an upgrade rather than something necessary to maintain production of the line.

Unless we hear further it is quite possible that you may not suffer any disadvantage. Whether or not dCS consider the electronic revisions an upgrade or if it is even feasible to retrofit them will be discovered in due course.

ok, so let’s wait an see Pete…I hope they will not come out with new HW (and SW) that is better than existing Rossinis :slight_smile:

just wondering: is the Vivaldi not older than Rossini?

dCS have traditionally given a suffix to the product name where a major upgrade is involved. So if the February news concerns the introduction of Rossini 2 or Rossini+ then that could indicate how fundamental it is. in those circumstances a factory upgrade ( if required) has on previous occasions also been available - at a cost.

Yes by about 3 years or so. However as Vivaldi is now 9 years old it is probably due for replacement in the near future so I would not anticipate a brief period with a revision made to it.

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seems they’ll change the analog section of Rossini (some bird say…) upgrade should come (expenisve…)