New Bartok owner

Just want to say how blown away I am with my new Bartok DAC with headphone amp. It is so revealing. The imaging is so vivid. Best headphone experience I have ever had by a lot. Even my wife who is a doubter of the sound quality snake oil comparisons was indeed similarly convinced. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use a non-dCS DAC for serious listening again. Bravo dCS.

The Bartok is an upgrade to my Mytek Brooklyn with Sonore OpticalRendu which is a decent setup but does not come close to the dCS Bartok. Using Focal Clear headphones for this evaluation. But will be getting Focal Utopia in the future.

Also, simple to set up with Roon. Works out of the box. Zero issues. Again, thank you dCS for the best headphone experience I have ever had!


I just spent the weekend with my friends Utopia’s plugged into my Bartok and can confirm they do indeed sound amazing. Almost as good as my HE1000SE and definitely a notch up on my Stellia’s.

But to be honest you would be very happy with any of these headphones with the Bartok.

I would recommend getting an XLR balanced cable for the Utopia’s if you get the version that comes without.

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Bartok / Utopia user here. I can relate to what you say!! I am very pleased with what the paring does, although i am awaiting (still) for a rossini clock to finish it off😀. So enjoy your bartok and i can vouch for going balanced with the Utopias.

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Bartok / Utopia user here as well, and I have the Rossini clock, and you will be very happy when you get it! Very!

The Utopia sounds much better with a proper XLR cable connected to the Bartok indeed.


I am expecting it anytime, ( it was due two weeks ago) dCS are having problems with their environmental testing what ever that is!
Mind you, it was a 14 week wait for the bartok!!

That wait time has really rocketed up, just like the price

Too true!!

I just bought one today and luckily I didn’t need to wait :slight_smile: I guess it must be Covid that has shorten the queue.