New Bartok discovery

Just purchased a new Bartok with headphone amp. I’m setting it up now and the Mosaic app can’t discover my device. It’s getting an IP address from my firewall but no connectivity otherwise. Obviously the Bartok is on my “lan” security zone and my iPhone is attached to my “wireless” zone. I have wide open firewall rules between the two zones. Any suggestions?

When you say that Mosaic ( on your iphone?) cannot discover your device are you seeing the opening screen of Mosaic but it is just displaying a “searching” icon?

If so switch off " Private WiFi Addresses" in settings on your iphone ( via the blue “i” icon in Settings/WiFi).

Good catch on the private WiFi address. I turned that off and relaunched the Mosaic app and it’s still stuck on the Looking for devices… with the spinning blue circle.

Then you are likely to have a network problem. Please give details and, hopefully, one of the network experts here ( not me) can pick up on it.

The Bartok is connected to the “LAN” security zone on my firewall. It gets an IP address from the DHCP server and I’m able to ping it from a laptop connected wirelessly to the firewall. My iPhone with the Mosaic app installed is connected to the same wireless network on the firewall. This is my “wireless” security zone. I’ve setup bidirectional any to any rules between those two zones. Hope this helps.

As I say this is not my “thing”. But I do know that the network experts may want to know the brand and model of your router and/or network switch.

I am assuming that you have set your firewall to allow access from dCS Mosaic?

It’s a Sonicwall TZ350W.

I guess I don’t understand how the Mosaic app is “discovering” the Bartok. I’m assuming it’s just send out an arp request to 40:06 MAC addresses and looking for something to respond. If I knew how Mosaic was communicating it would be easier for me to troubleshoot on my end. Thank you for the help.

Take the TZ out of the network - does it discover after you hard power the Bartok?

Give the Bartok a Static IP by MAC Reservation and whitelist the IP on the TZ.

Lyle, it’s a little more than that actually; Bartok-Mosaic relies on SSDP for service discovery, so you need to enable multicast on your Sonicwall between the security domains of your Bartok LAN and the WiFi zone.

You’re probably familiar enough with your Sonicwall to know where to enable that? (Looks like their documentation is spread across a dozen docs, so I didn’t immediately find it, otherwise I’d be happy to point you to the exact setting). If you see an IGMP snoop setting, do Disable that though.

Good luck. :crossed_fingers:t3: :slightly_smiling_face:

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That did it! It was actually in two places. You enable it globally under network settings then you have to also enable it on the network interfaces. Once I did that Mosaic discovered it right away. Thanks for your help!

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