NEW: AmazonHD Music

The Amazon HD streaming service has launched. Providing a large catalogue and rates of up to 24/192 from as little as £12.99 per month I think that this service is going to be dominant in the streaming market. The GUI is not very appealing for an old buffer like me who is mainly interested in classical music but I am in a minority.

The sheer scale of Amazon and the bargain pricing compared to its competitors would strongly suggest to me that dCS should get an API from Amazon and add it to Mosaic a.s.a.p.


We’ve been aware of this service for some time and is something that we are investigating. I can’t comment on when or if we’ll add it to Mosaic.

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Andrew, I understand you guys are looking into the integration of Amazon’s hd to Mosaic. But do you know if the Vivaldi upsampler will work as an upnp/dlna endpoint to Amazon’s proprietary app?

I honestly don’t know, in fact I wasn’t aware that their app had the ability to act as a UPnP server. A few services have tried this and to date very few have been successful in developing something that worked reliably.

I agree with Pete - I think this service needs to be high up on your feature update list :smile:

And the same goes for including Apple Music too. There is a small chance it will offer CD/Hi-res streaming later.

I find the Mosaic app so good I’d choose it over the streaming service’s native app.

Bribes are always welcome :grin:

That one simply isn’t going to happen without some major movement from Apple. Currently their API is completely closed and, with a couple of exceptions, they don’t allow third-party integrations.

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Andrew, any news on this? We customers would appreciate having more choice over the streaming service(s) we use. Thank you.

This won’t happen in 2019 and I can’t predict when it will happen. Currently there is a technical issue that is outside of our control until that’s resolved we cannot do anything.

Any news on the Amazon HD integration?

Would be good to have an update on the Amazon HD integration please.

The status is the same as it was at the time of my last response in November. We can’t even begin investigating an implementation until some technical issues outside of our control are resolved.

ok, thanks for the update Andrew

Any news or plans decided yet on the integration of AmazonHD Music?
I see the aggregator has been offering an API for some time now…