Network Main/Network Loop

Hello All,
Question…wondering if the following is possible…connect Roon Rock server directly to the Network Main RJ45 socket to stream music…use the Network Loop RJ45 to connect to the switch/router/NAS.
So just hoping the Rock and Bartok will appear on the network through this secondary ethernet connection… want to isolate the Rock from the related noisy supplies at the router/NAS/Switch end of the system.
Is this possible? Asking before I tear everything apart to test. Not sure what this second ethernet socket supports.
Do not stream nor use the NAS for Mosaic streaming so the second ethernet connection would be simply for rudimentary commands, etc.

Thanks for any thoughts … all the best.
Stay safe,

Warren, same as when you asked before, this time with the ports switched, it would still be a Yes - it should work fine.

Note though, once you power off your Bartok, your Roon server will be completely inaccessible with no connectivity to the rest of your LAN, as the Bartok’s Ethernet port bridge terminates when there’s no power to the unit.

By the way, you will not experience any sonic benefit by setting it up this way; whatever “noise” you think is getting through one port will also makes it way through the other port.

thanks. there is some method to this. when moving the Rock adjacent to the Bartok, rather than behind the switch, it can be powered by the main Audioquest Niagara 5000 that powers the system so removed from the switch and its circuit used by NAS/Router/other switches, etc. would then consider something like an EtherRegen at the front of the network cabling into the Bartok. keep the Bartok powered 24/7

As a followup…connected ROON ROCK on the primary ethernet input while the network is on the secondary put and all is good. Rock is now connected to the Niagara. Network switches, etc, on a separate circuit. Maybe nothing but can’t hurt

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