Network Bridge turned ON all the time


I just bought a used Network Bridge. I use it with an Audio Note 0.1x Dac. I love how it sounds.
Is it ok to leave the Network Bridge turned on all the time? Does it sound better if it has a good warm up time? Does doing this influence in the NB lifespan?

Hi Gonzalo,

Superb, glad that you like it - I have a bit of a soft spot for the Network Bridge myself.

Absolutely and it is intended to be left on all the time.

Hmmm … I would say no myself but of course you can judge this for yourself within the context of your own system which is really what matters.

Not to any significant degree - the Network Bridge is designed to be left powered up at all times (hence no front panel power button) so that is certainly how it is intended to be used.

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Phil Harris

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