Network Bridge to Bartok?

On average the Bartók is an eight week wait. Having said that, mine arrived three weeks early (02/12/20).

I did the same comparison (of 2.1 versions) and also much preferred the Bartok. I was surprised given price difference.

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Bartok arrived today, so now i’m part of the owners club :grinning: Nice late Xmas pressie.

Have it feeding a Luxman 590AXII which has been here a few days now, wasn’t sure about the Lux with the Auralic Vega G2 as source, swapping in the Bartok and it’s much much better and I think will be staying. Passed the demo Bartok to a mate who has the same Auralic gear as mine, he’s put them up for sale and heading for at least a Bartok and more likely a Rossini I suspect.


OP here. Update 3 wks later.

Demo Bartok returned. NWB bridge sold. Old DAC sold. My Bartok (an ex-dem one, but not the actual unit i borrowed) arrived and installed in my system. Silver without HP section. dCS remote ordered. The tactile wheel for TV use was too much to resist. Dealer reminded me about Rossini Clock…damn. Few set up queries / issues, but now installed and working just fine.

Rest of (digital) system is a Tron Seven GT pre, Tron Atlantic 300B power, into Devore O/96 speakers. Cables are JPS SC V speaker and Harmonic Technology Cyberlight RCA. Power cable is an Okutsu. All digital / network cables are AQ Cinnamon (for now). Wifi is BT at 850 mbps speed (gaming son…) via an English Elec 8Switch switch. Network music is TIDAL. CD via an Acoustic Plan DriveMaster / PowerMaster, with Acrolink BNC cable and Cardas Golden Ref. power. TV is all usual Sky, Netflix, etc.

Going from separate DAC and streamer to the Bartok was the driving force. Our living room co-exists with the hi-fi, so reducing box count and at the same time improving sound quality was the goal. Obv I was used to the NWB as i had it for 2 yrs, but i wanted to move the DAC game on a bit. The Bartok was the obvious and only choice.

I am very happy with my very expensive purchase. It sounds wonderful. The funny thing is you can’t pin the improvement down to specific things - it is the consumate all rounder. It does everything so well. The fact it is relatively easy to operate and has build quality rarely seen at this price point, and it’s a win/win.

For “serious” listening I do set Bartok to max volume and use the Tron Seven pre volume wheel - requiring a walk - but for casual or TV - i’m more than happy setting the pre volume at the max i’d ever listen , 11am, and then will modify volume via the Mosiac app or the remote when it arrives.

So a great buy. Very happy. Plenty of listening in 2021 and then at some point i’ll address the “Rossini Clock” sized elephant in the room to see what that does.

You have all been very helpful on here! I’ll post some system pix on the thread for this when i get a sec!



Congrats Lee, and happy listening!

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Great stuff Lee. So pleased that you made the right choice :smile:

If you haven’t yet seen that remote in the flesh you may be surprised when it arrives. Clue: It is hard to lose down the back of the sofa.


Noted Pete! Looking fwd to gettng it - sucker for a tactile rotary volume wheel.

Congrats Lee. I urge you and all fellow Community members to update your profile with helpful information like your system components you laid out above and your location. That kind of info helps all of us when asked for input about sysfem issues and recommendations for components and accessories. (Some recommendations are not as useful when they are not available in some locations or require overseas shipping.) Enjoy!


Congrats Lee! I bought my first DCS DAC recently and there’s no looking back!
I’m thrilled with the purchase and at some point will be auditioning the clock as well.

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Congrats Lee, from a fellow bartok owner. You have made a wise choice, listen in good health.
ps Best get saving for the clock😉

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