Network Bridge to Bartok?

Hello everyone. I’ve just joined this forum, despite having owned a Network Bridge for the 18 months! It is a wonderful bit of kit and after a few set up gremlins - sorted by the dealer and Rav, it’s been faultless ever since. I used Mosiac and Roon depending on which way the wind blows.

My dealer has just leant me a Bartok, the idea of reducing box count was on my mind, and also in getting a better DAC. Currently I have a Mytek Manhattan.

So far so good. I’m 95% sure I’ll get a Bartok. Not a great surprise really. Anyone else done the route i am, from NWB (and DAC) to Bartok?


Hi Lee, welcome to the forum. Yes i went NWB to Bartok and am very pleased with the change. I did listen to a Rossini, but i use headphones a lot so the Bartok fitted better. I don’t regret the change at all😀

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I have been through the headphone thing, and am determined not to go back. When you have family it seems a bit selfish, plus you are tied to the chair. At least with speakers there is freedom of movement (usually to the wine rack) and the ability for others to enjoy!

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Not hard to have both. That’s what’s so great about Bartok.

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Hi Lee

I did exactly that! My Bartók arrived 3rd December.

Beware though…You’ll be encouraged, and be very tempted to buy the ‘Clock’ as well. :smile: I’m saving for mine as we speak! :+1:

Ha! My plan to reduce box count by getting a Bartok, to then increase again with a Clock!

The clock is very good.:+1::grinning:

I used that excuse to Ermos, telling him I’d run out of shelf space. :smile:
He pointed out to me, that the Bartók can sit quite happily on top of the Clock!

I thought…“Best I start saving then”! :smile:

Haha! Yeah i even thought that too… anyway much saving to be done for that malarkey.

Once you have bought your Bartók, please demo the clock, and then please evaluate your “malarkey” remark here. I will accept your apology :grinning:


Haha! Of course - i was being “tongue in cheek”. It was a plan to live with Bartok for 6-12 months and then evaluate the clock after that. L

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Is this the current remote? Anyone know how much it costs?

Yes, that is the current Universal Remote Handset. It is available in silver and black. In the EU it costs € 795.

Thanks. Probably £700 in the UK then i’d guess.

I’ve just found a UK Absolute Sounds pricelist from 2019 and it was £390 here.

£399 on the 2020 price list.

Expect a long wait on the remote, Lee — lovely remote, but it takes them a while if they don’t have them in stock.

:heart: my black remote. So nice to be able to do some stuff without a phone, tablet, or computer.

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So that is how much they cost! I have two of the darn things and don’t use either. Still, I suppose I ought to keep them as they sort of belong with their parent units. It would be cruel to separate them.

Where were you when I wanted a remote, Simon?! :slightly_smiling_face:

They come up for sale very, very occasionally. And never when I’m looking!

Thanks Pete - much appreciated!