Network Bridge now a Legacy Product?

I got the dCS newsletter and looked on the new dCSAudio website and under Products, no Network Bridge.

However under Legacy Products is the Network Bridge. What does this mean for long-term support and updates?

dCS announced that they regrettably have ceased production of Network Bridge due to component supply difficulties.

Future support? Definitely yes, Updates? Legacy products are not normally updated. Of course Mosaic updates will still apply to Network Bridge.

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Just read thus post by dcs. What do you know? I bought a NB in early May. This is an amazing product and it’s hard to see why dcs couldn’t make a go of it.

I thought that dCS had made it pretty clear why:

“However, due to circumstances beyond our control – including post Brexit increase in raw metal costs from the EU, major interruptions and volatility in electronics supply - it is no longer viable for us to manufacture the Network Bridge.”

If they can’t get the parts or cannot get the parts at an economically viable cost it would be difficult to see how they could continue production.

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Well…it means they stop because their net margin is too low…another way to say that would be: the NB is a very high value product from the customer point of view…I got the Vivaldi DAC and a NB, it works so good, I wish a source like that to everyone on this forum :laughing:

Even though I know that the Upsampler + Clock is even better.

It certainly was. I enjoyed my period with one immensely. However its value proposition was being eroded by the increasing costs. Last year the UK price was 3250 gbp. By this spring it had reached 4250 gbp ( or thereabouts). Yet the cost increases appear to have continued thereafter e.g. raw aluminium had then not reached its peak price ( has it yet?). And the price of aluminium was only one aspect.

As an entry level product and one whose appeal had moved outside of its original intention to a non - dCS user market I wonder if at circa. ÂŁ5k it would retain much appeal? It still needs a DAC yet if it reached that price a combination of NB + decent DAC could cost around the same as Bartok ( non-HP). I would guess that in that price bracket its sales would have been impacted by its sister product.

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I see regularly on this forum people wondering how upgrading in the dCS range, most of the time starting from a Bartok. To those people I would say, skip the Rossini, go to a Vivaldi + NB, it is a little bit more costly than a Rossini + Clock but it is so much butter. I had the opportunity to compare it before buying the Vivaldi…Very easy decision actually.
But today, because the NB is a legacy product, the upgrade from Bartok to Vivaldi DAC + Upsampler have become brutal, price-wise.

Anyway, nothing can be changed, and also I never heard a comparison between a Bartok and a Rossini + Clock, I guess it is a very nice upgrade already :wink:

Trading mine in on tuesday for an upsampler (ex dem) excited…you bet.

I retire next year, may be I’ll buy myself a clock :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Trading the NB, that is an idea I should explore…

I would be glad reading your feedback when you have heard the upsampler compared to your NB.