Network Bridge, clock rates

If I only use one of the clock inputs and use a 48 kHz signal, what will happen with source material of 44.1khz? Will the unit be to lock on those signals by using the internal clock of the Nerwork Bridge, or ?
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Yes, you are correct - in this case, the Network Bridge will revert to running in ‘Master Mode’, essentially meaning that it will not lock to the external clock signal. It will only use the incoming clock signal if the signal is a multiple of the audio. For 44.1k audio, this means the incoming clock signal would have to be 44.1, 88.2 or 176.4kHz.

One small clarification; the Network Bridge always uses it’s internal clocks to control the audio, it just adjusts the speed of those clocks to the incoming Word Clock signal if one is present. Using an external clock never replaces the Network Bridge’s internal clocks, it just gives it a stable external reference. Hope that makes sense!

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Hi James,
Thanx for info and clarification. That solves my problem. Then I’ll just hook up the 48khz and enjoy the resultat !
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Hello James. I have a question for you: in which mode (full shutdown or standby mode is sufficient) the internal clock will have a longer use without calibration? Thank you

Hi there, I’m assuming you mean for a dCS master clock? This will not have any impact, no. Leaving it in standby or switching it off completely will not change the length of time before the unit requires calibration.

@James do external clocks - we own a Rossini - need any recalibration as they age? Ours is around 5 years old and if there is sonic slippage I’m guessing our ears just get used to whatever it produces.

Any high-precision electronic device needs, over time, verification. The question is the timing of the verification interval. It is probably written in the manual. I’m waiting for my watch. Over time my ears get used to more and more distortion. This can only be determined by calibration or by listening to a new watch. I think so.