Network bridge and Roon


I am the happy owner of a dCS network bridge.
I have my FLAC files and DSD files on an SSD external hard drive.
I’m a n00b and I just want to confirm something: I understand Roon Ready means my dCS network bridge will be seen by the Roon app as an end point.
But if I connect my external HD to the dCS network bridge on the USB input, this will not just work with Roon, am I right?
If I understand correctly, I need to first install my files on a NUC with the Roon server/Roon Rock right?

Thank you in advance!

Just plug the usb hard drive into the NUC. That’s what I did, before installing an SSD inside the NUC.

thank you Oliver. That wasn’t exactly my question but I appreciate the answer :slight_smile:

I believe so and you will need to connect it to the nuc

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thank you Duncan

On second reading, I see what you are getting at. I haven’t tried to make Roon find storage connected to my bridge. Instead, I have a usb stick in the bridge that has a copy of all my files (when I can be bothered, I find that playing the files through mosaic from the usb in the bridge gives a bit more flow to the music than by using Roon)

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makes sense, thanks Oliver!

Correct, if the Network Bridge has your USB drive connected to it then that drive isn’t visible to the Roon Core, it would need to either be plugged into the Roon Core directly or made available on your network as a shared network folder and the Roon Core set up to index that folder.


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