Network Acoustics MUON

I have a Rossini Apex DAC and a Vivaldi clock. I use a Chord Sarum T Ethernet cable.

I am interested in the Network Acoustics MUON Ethernet filter. I haven’t listened to one yet, but wondered whether anybody on the forum had any experience of this product?

The Ethernet filtering capability may be manufacturer specifc in terms of execution. I have used a Waversa EXT1 for Ethernet and USB. I liked the contribution so much that I now have a Waversa Reference Plus filter. It works the same way but “cascades” the filters internally.

Great, a dealer promoting his products here :nauseated_face:


It was unintentional and it won’t happen again. It was to reinforce my opinion that I even made the reference.

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I’ve had the MUON system (cable and filter) from Network Acoustics for over 4 months now. I am very satisfied. I mainly retain dimensionality, natural tones, extension of low and high frequencies, transients. It is very very good, clearly superior to the ENO system. Every evening, I take advantage of this sound opening. The association with my Antipodes K40 server and my Rossini DAC allows to obtain a very high level of musicality.
Small observation, it is true that the break-in period is necessary, after 6 weeks I still observed an improvement in sound quality.

Thank you for that. Very useful. Out of interest, what cable did you have before getting the MUON? I have a good Ethernet cable (Chord Sarum T), and wonder whether it’s worth getting the MUON ‘system’, or just the Ethernet filter, and keep my existing Chord cable.

For a few years my Ethernet cable was the Audioquest Vodka followed by the Network Acoustics ENO RJ/E cable. I have observed more pleasing tones (personal taste) when switching to Network Acoustics products. Note that my Muon cables (and the filter) go from the Netgear Orbi router to my Antipodes K40 music server. Between the K40 and my Rossini, I use the Nordost Valhalla II RJ/E cable (again a matter of personal taste). So I have Muon cables upstream and downstream of the Muon filter.

I have the Rossini Apex player and clock. I have owned the ENO system for about 1.5 years including Network Acoustic ethernet cables. I highly recommend the complete system. Its improvement in soundstage and tonality are striking. I would expect the new Muon is even better and I’m planning to upgrade down the line.

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It is (at least to my ears), especially if you go for Network Acoustic’s new gigabit compatible muon.

I should add I don’t feel much makes a difference when using the Rossini ethernet port (it’s clearly very well designed), but the muon does.

Do you have a switch? I had a filter once (guess it was from phonosophie) but sold it after testing some switches.

Yes, I moved from an Innuos Phoenix Net to Network Acoustic’s Rubicon as the latter sounded better to me. Unfortunately, it’s not currently in production due to the global parts shortage, but I think they’re working on a solution…

Ok- and a filter still gives you SQ improvement?

Yes, I felt there was a noticeable improvement to the harmonics with the gigabit muon compared to the standard muon - even when used with the rubicon.

I honestly expected no change, so my expectation bias was set the other way.

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