Need Help with Puccini and Verona

I am a faithful admirer of dCS,whose excellence I have enjoyed in the form of a Verdi Encore, Elgar Plus, Purcell and Verona set for many years, although in the last two years the Verdi Encore started to give problems until it passed away. I am now offered the opportunity to get my hands on a Puccini or a Scarlatti set with almost costs four times as much as the former. I don´t know yet what to do, but my question to the experts is whether, in case I decide for the Puccini, I could connect it to the Verona with optimal results. Thank you very much for your attention.

As someone who has just upgraded from Elgar/Purcell, and had the same dilemma about what legacy product to choose (limited by budget and availability), I can recommend a Scarlatti DAC + Network Bridge as possibly all you need as this will give a significant improvement over what you have been used to. I know you can add clock & upsampler, and if you have the budget now, go for it, but if not, the 2 units I mention are the ideal start for future additions :wink:

I owned a Puccini + Paganini clock for many years, and the dCS website says about the Paganini: “…Paganini Master Clock is based on our professional studio master clocks and the classic Verona clock”. The clock did improve the sound of the Puccini. I’ve no doubt your Verona would do the same. However, my experience with the current dCS range of dacs is that sound quality has advanced quite a long way since the Puccini and Paganini generation (although the prices are very much higher). I believe I read somewhere that the Paganini dac is similar to Scarlatti, but in a very different looking case of course.

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Yes. It says that on the website