Near Field Speakers for with Debussy

So, after a failed foray into a Meridian system for my office (work, not home - very happy with a Meridian DSP speaker based home theatre at home).

So I was now thinking about a used Debussy as the base component with a USB feed from my computer, but admit to being stumped on appropriate monitors to match the level of transparency I’d hope to be delivered. This is a true near field situation, while the office is maybe 15x20’, half of it is a meeting space and the speakers are to be placed next to my seat, call it 1 1/2 arms lengths from me (with the same distance separation possible). There is a wall next to the location of the left but otherwise pretty much free space placement.

Wondered about along the lines of Harbeth or Totem (the original Model One’s are more or less what hooked me into audiophilia in the first place, a LONG time ago, but I gather they are fairly ordinary near field. Active monitors crossed my mind but so many are DSP now and that would be pretty silly.

Appreciate any advice !

Pearl Acoustics Sibelius

Only one driver, no crossover, when you don’t play loud their sound is fabulous.

As good as they look, I am restricted to desktop/bookshelf sized

Happy with two pairs of Harbeths for near and midfield listening

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My weapon of choice are the ProAc Tablette 10 Signature. They are sealed in the rear, no port. Put them on stands on a table or floorstands. Mine are part of what I call “my permanent collection”. I can’t imagine a day I would want anything else.

There’s plenty of times sitting at my desk at the end of the day that I have one more song moments. I sit within an outstretched arm from them. It’s very close to headphones. :smile:

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Thank you.

I had a bit of an “ah ha” moment last night where i realised i could take a Meridian pro and a pair of DSP3200’s to the office, and place another system in the dining room where i

I bought enough for a 7.1 system and was going to ceiling mount a pair for 5.2.2 in the cinema. Almost certainly better to take a pair to the office, use something more built for the task as Atmos heights, and have the flexibility to put a more musical system in the dining room.

At the office however, my main music source is my phone. iPhones now having USB-C, has anyone tested the benefit of running into an external clock with USB then to a DAC ?

That question may be better asked elsewhere actually

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Harbeth P3ESR XD + a small subwoofer to fill out the low end.

Also have a look at studio monitors from the likes of Genelec and ADAM.