Naim Unity Core vs. Melco

Hi all
Did anyone compare the Naim Core to Melco and can share some info ?
If not - I will appreciate any thoughts on the Naim Core.
I’m using currently dCS NB with Vivaldi DAC.
Thanks in advance to all repliers.

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My immedaite thought is that , unlike Melco, Naim Core may be incompatible with dCS due to varying UPnP implementations in practice caused by the loose wording of the UPnP protocol.

Melco, however, does use the UPnP server software that the dCS equipment was designed for, MinimServer.

Earlier Melco equipment did not have this installed as the default software Twonky ( its predecessor in this application) was not compatible with dCS which meant that Various issues arose like wrong artwork matched to wrong music files etc. You might experience similar problems using Naim Core.

NB the actual storage in Naim Uniti Core is an extra cost as you fit what you want whereas the Melco storage is pre-installed .