My system and its elements

Hello to all

I am new to this forum but I have been a member of various other forums dealing with Hifi and Music . In order to let others have an idea of were I am currently I have decided to give out details of my current main music system . I would not ever say it is High End but for me at least it is highly enjoyable and is used every day .

Source - Digital only Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with Max2play distro using Logitech Media Server as the software.
Cricial 2 TB SSD HD attached which has my music Library loaded on to it currently 63,000 songs in the main all FLAC files from CD Rips that I own with some Digital Downloads from Qobuz . This is a Media Streamer only and has no player output connected by ethernet direct to my Switch next to me Router.

Player - Raspberry Pi4 4GB Plus Allo Digione Signature player with Allo Shanti dual LPSU . Digital Out is via BNC Wave Audio cable used .

Reclocker - Mutec 3+ USB converted to 5V input and powered by Sbooster LPSU with Ultra connection
BNC input directly from the player - AER Digital connection on XLR to Purcell

Upsampler - dCS Purcell input XLR - connected to Delius DAC vis dual XLR AES digital cables for 24/192

DAC - dCS Delius - AER x two input and set to 24/192 output . Output single ended to power amplifier . Delius operating as pre for volume .

Power Amp - NVA P150 - connected single ended from Delius then using NVA Speaker cable to speakers

Speakers - Quad ESL 57 - Electrostatic Speakers

As I say this system has been built up over a considerable time and is used every day and just works and sounds to my ears wonderful . I have stopped any thoughts currently of up grading or changing components and instead I am just buying more music .


Welcome Andrew. Anything built around Quads is thumbs up in my book.


Thanks for this. I love Quad ESL 57s , used to own them and hear a superbly restored pair at a friend’s regularly. My " Why did I sell them ?" components.

My quibble is that setting your Purcell to a permanent 24/192 output is not the best idea as you will then commonly then be upsampling to a format that is not an integer of the source file which is not advisable . Most of your files were probably issued in 16/44.1 format for which the highest upsampled rate with Purcell should be 24/176.4. 24/192 should be reserved for files with sampling rates of 48 or 96 KS/s i.e. 4 x the source rate. NB: That’s why dCS gave you the selection.

Of course your system is high end :smiley:

I hope people take note of this:



That resonated the moment I read it. Especially in the context of our thread about the Feb 7 announcement.

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Pete thank you for your response and very clear advice. I am going to make a change in the output tomorrow to your suggestion and see if it makes any sonic difference .

I have to say the current settings work really well along with Filter 4 which I decided on after a few days listening. Perhaps this is a reflection of how well dCS is engineered that it sounds so musical but I am open to switching and seeing what difference it makes . Will come back and give my view’s probably next week .

I would say that it is really lovely for other users to offer this sort of advice and reasons for why it is important so nice to get constructive posts rather than the usual hectoring ones often on other sites .

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Andrew - years ago I had Quads coupled with a pair of Emtec servo-controlled subs, which were quite advanced for the time and mated well with the Quads. The subs each had 3 8” woofers which were very quick, with built-in amps engineered and manufactured by the two lead Spectral guys.The rest of the system was a Mitchel Gyrodeck turntable, Audio Research phono preamp, Spectral preamp, and Audio Research 120-watt tubed amp, all connected with Transparent cabling. Had that system for about five years and spent many hours loving the music it rendered so well. No digital then! Thanks for reminding me of that system and those fun days.

Also cheers to you reaching the point where you are enjoying adding to your music rather than scratching the upgrade itch!

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