My new dCS Network Bridge - some questions about it please

Back using the Auralic App on the iPhone - the one thing Mosaic does better is pick up the player on the network more reliably and quicker.

Yes the interface is more basic with Mosaic - but it ‘quick’. I also like the feature on the iPhone where you can use your smart phone’s volume control to control Auralic’s volume control.

The dCS I know is the lowest cost dCS bit of hardware compared to anything else dCS does by far.

However, is there a used, older dCS DAC someone here can recommend which still sounds really good when couple to the Bridge? Something under £2k used perhaps?

I mean come on - even the old TDA1543 and TDA1541 DACs can still sound amazing, so perhaps a vintage Ring DAC can too.

Might as-well see what a Ring DAC can sound like in due course hooked up to the Bridge.

Or are the older Ring DACs past their best compared to modern ESS Sabre / Burr Brown for example?

I’m using my dCS Network Bridge with a Cyrus Pre2DAC QXR.
I have an Entreq Primer Pro digital interconnect between the two and an Entreq Primer RJ45 Ethernet cable.
It sounds very good!

My Cyrus Stream X has left the building! :smiley:

I use my dCS NB with various dacs, including Chord.

I just use a modest and decent cable – something designed for 12G SDI video is a good start. Certainly doesnt need to be anything silly. The SPDIF output quality is fine from the NB, and any cable sensitivity is likely a fault of your dac.