Multi-channel processor closest to the quality of dCS DAC

I wanted to check with those who have dCS based audio setup and have a home theater setup too. I would like to hear if there are some multi-channel processors that can come close to the sound quality of dCS DACs?

I don’t have a Multi-Channel processor as such, but from what I’ve seen of the market space, my impression is that Trinnov and Datasat appear to have the closest DSP technology know-how.

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I’d add Steinway Lyngdorf to the audition list.

And possibly the Meridian 861 especially if you have their active speakers.

I bought, on the second hand, market a Classe SSP-800 which I must say is pretty good for my needs. This particular model is best known for its sound quality. Classe went out of business in 2018 and were acquired by Sound United (who also own Denon. Marantz). This processors sound quality is more than adequate for my 5.1 weekend viewing. There are two companies in the UK authorised to support/repair Classe equipment.

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