MQA volume level drop on dCS Rossini APEX

Phil, in my experience MQA’s MQATagRestorer application fixes most tag “damaged” [MQA] FLAC files.

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Cheers Anup - that was the app I was trying to remember using yesterday when I posted that reply. :slight_smile:

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Hello again Phil,

in the meantime I loaded the „MQAtagRestorer“.
It identified all files as MQA correctly.

However… no change, the level drop is still there!

I even tried YATE, this app has a feature to correct ReplayGain.
Again…no change.

Playing the files from a USB-stick: No change as well.

Hi Dirk,

Are you sure you have removed the ReplayGain tags?

We’ve definitely confirmed it here - I’ll WeTransfer back you your original files and the files that have had ReplayGain removed … the ReplayGain Removed files don’t have the level cut in them when played.


Hi Dirk,

I see that you got the files - were you able to give them a try?

Hello again Phil,
yes, I tested your files, all perfect now, thanks.

So how will I be able to remove the ReplayGain tags?
YATE was not successful, neither foobar2000.

Is there a „consumer“ way?


I just removed them with Foobar…

Add file to Foobar playlist.
Right click on it → ReplayGain → Remove ReplayGain information.

Phil’s already got you by the looks of it, but perhaps the Yate problem could have been that you didn’t resave the files. I’ve never had changes not stick with Yate.

(Big Yate fan, and if you need help the developer is both endlessly patient and a nice human being to boot.)

Thanks, Phil, now foobar did the job…!

All up & running.
Thanks to all people involved👍🏼

Hi to very down-under… I had saved all I managed to, however foobar finally solved the problem. :vulcan_salute:t3: