MQA CD playback on Rossini player

I have just received my new Rossini Player Apex which replaces my Bartok and Meridian 808v6 CD player .
I am Really pleased with the improvement to the sound even for sources as humble as Spotify .
I previously bought a Rossini Clock to pair with the Bartok and will connect it once I am more familiar with the Rossini sound .
I have a query that I hope other forum members can help with . I note from the manual that the display when playing CDs is quite limited . However , when I play MQA CDs , Mosaic is showing a fixed sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz regardless of disc , even MQA discs that played at much higher sample rates on my meridian MQA capable CD player . Furthermore , when I play MQA CDs and try and switch to the M filter in mosaic , the system keeps switching back to the previous filter . How do I know whether MQA CDs are being fully decoded by the Rossini player ? Or is there a problem with my unit ? I am running Mosaic 1.4.1 ( 146) and control board 2.1 and believe that’s the latest firmware . Appreciate any advice . Thank you

You may find this useful:

Thanks for sharing this . Seems like I won’t be able to play my fully decoded MQA CDs after all !

If you can rip the MQA CD (on a PC), use MQAtagrestorer on the resultant FLAC files then you can use Roon or Mosaic to play them. Works well, I do that with my Rossini DAC.

Hi Paul , I have ripped all my MQA CDs onto the server but I enjoy the physical act of playing CDs which is why I bought the Rossini player in the first place !

Sure, I can see that :wink:

No CD slot in my DAC, so I always play files!