Mosiac vs Naim app

I have been home demoing a Naim NSC 222, which is a streamer, DAC and preamp.

Boy, the Naim app is very good!

I have now removed the Naim from my system and put back my dCS Network Bridge. I prefer the dCS sound, of course!

dCS could learn much from looking at the Naim app, as it’s streets ahead of Mosiac!

When is a Mosiac review/update likely?

This moves my memory back to the earliest days of Mosaic. When it was introduced it was cited as not being an all singing and dancing app but a straightforward basic way of providing what most people needed to hear music. If further options were/are required then dCS have ensured that all of their devices are certified Roon endpoints.

Of course Mosaic is not a final statement and development work continues. As for reviews and updates how many do you want? After all the last was only 21 days ago. There have been one or two updates which include new options every year since its introduction and I am sure this will continue.


I wasn’t aware of the recent update!
Just updated Mosaic.

No obvious changes, to me.

The look and feel of Mosaic cannot compare to the Naim app and others I saw a while ago. They are slicker, more colourful and, important to me, have the ability to sort favourites (by artist and by album) in alphabetical order.

Whilst the music is the most important factor, the user friendliness and function of the controlling app is important too.

Trebor, I don’t know which Mosaic function you refer to but what you want depends upon the rest of your setup. Are you talking about replaying locally stored files kept on e.g. NAS? For Mosaic to function the NAS (server) has to have UPnP server software installed. What Mosaic displays just reflects that software. dCS recommend MinimServer and this certainly allows search by artist or album title and many other terms such as genre, date etc. I use it to do this every day. You can add things to MinimServer and get Mosaic to show track numbers etc. MinimServer has its own forum and you can seek assistance in doing this.

To help further let me know if the above is what you are referring to and , if so, the server and server UPnP software that you use.

Yes, the Naim app and others may be considered more colourful than the current iteration of Mosaic (but remember it is continually being developed. However this is subjective taste. As for the recent revision I gave you a link to the release notes. From this you will see that the biggest change was for Lina owners but for the rest of us a request that was made on this forum for a way of adding radio stations not included in the standard offering from airable was met.

The version number of the revision tells you how significant it is. So this minor one only affected the third number so 1.41 became 1.42. Previous changes were bigger such as adding full remote system control so the second number increased. Who knows, one day there may be v.2.0 which should be very substantial :wink:.

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Because i never work with other that not Mosaic that’s good for me :joy:

Always space to improve but its good and do is job