Mosiac doesn't see Vivaldi DAC

Updated to the latest version of Mosiac today and now can only see the Vivaldi upsampler settings. No info on the DAC, nothing on mapping version, etc. I looked up this issue and saw that it had been previously reported and the solution had to with the RS232 cable hookup and settings. I had this info with the previous Mosiac version so my hookup is good. I also checked to make sure the upsampler and DAC both had binary RS232 settings. Any other thoughts?

Hi Mark,

Did you reboot your Vivaldi set after the latest Mosaic update, by switching off - wait - switching it on again with the power switches at the back?

Yes, after recycling all three components twice, Mosaic now sees both the upsampler and DAC. Sometimes you just have to keep trying the same thing. Thanks.

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