Mosaic volume control size

I’ve just noticed that double tapping the Mosaic volume control on IOS expands its size making it easier to select volume increments.

Has it always done this?

Trying it now with my i-pad but no, I can only switch volume off/on, no size change.

I get this after tapping the trough, not the slider button on Mosaic 1.1.3 (119) and IOS 14.7.1 (18G82)

If I try that ( portrait not landscape).The text data disappears and I get an overlapping double view of the cover art which cannot be exited except by closing the app.

I just switched to landscape view and , yes, I see what you mean. However it is still not as big anyway as in portrait view, full screen ( tap the thumbnail in the trough or play bar).

Yes, that feature has been available for a while, at least since I bought my Bartok a year ago.

Cheers, Mike.