Mosaic TIDAL my collection sorting option

Hello all
I suggest that the collection (album, playlists, tracks …) of TIDAL streaming services in this Mosaic provides more sorting options, such as sorting by date added, A to Z, Artists by a name or release day, etc., sorting items provide ascending or descending reverse order, which can be more convenient operation.
Hope to see these minor improvements in the next version of the Mosaic. Thank you.

Hello Ian and welcome to the community forum.

The sorting idea is a good one but I am wondering if it could be accomplished within the scope of dCS? None of the data involved are actually captured within Mosaic but are held on Tidal’s servers. Mosaic “talks” to the Tidal server in response to your “play” or “search” request and it does this through an API ( Application Programming Interface). So what can be done is to a great extent limited by what the API provides for and this originates from Tidal.

A similar concept applies to displaying your local files from NAS. Mosaic can display these in various ways or permutations but to accomplish such changes it is the UPnP server software that needs to be amended ( e.g MinimServer2), not Mosaic.

I am saying this just to point out that it may not be something that just a tweak of Mosaic can necessarily bring about.

Thank you for your detail information and software development background. Maybe TIDAL’s API not open all for software developers.
I just check another streamer with the music playing APP also integrated with TIDAL( I have no longer updated to latest version, but I remember the experience of control the TIDAL with it), I found that my TIDAL favourite albums sorting method same as the TIDAL official APP. I think this sorting reverse request not a security problem, and looking forward to talk things over with TIDAL.