Mosaic : saving playlists - go to function in the menu

i begin to use mosaic with network bridge a mont ago
compared to previous (bubble, moode,…), i found mosaic simple, very fast, and user friendly
From my past, i miss two functions (or don’t find how to)

Playlists : how to save, restore, export,… how to manage in fact
cause when i insert the bridge in my set, some little problems appears on my network with upnp disappearing (my fault, now ok), and i loose them (curiosly, searches where still there)

Go to album, or go to artist:
when listenig a files through a playlist, should be fine to navigate direct to the album see other, or to the artist to see more. As i use mosaic, i have to go and make a search. correct ?
having a go to function in the … access should be nice

last thing: what about the sound in my set with your product inside ?
astounding and natural, many thanks