Mosaic on Mac OS

i have just bought a Bartok and I run it with Qobuz .
Is there any chance that mosaic would be available on Mac OS ?
Thank you

AFAIK Mosaic is only available for phone or tablet use . So if you are an Apple person there is an iOS version. Otherwise Android.

I think dCS answered a similar question earlier this year. If I recall correctly there were no plans for Mac or PC versions.

When I started using Mosaic I bought a refurbished i-pad for the purpose but there are, of course, also some cheap Android tablets available these days.

Running Mosaic on a portable device has the major advantage of control being available from your favourite listening chair or as you move around.

Incidentally I do still use the desktop Qobuz player on my PC so that I can read the articles on music, musicians and record labels. It is also a preferable place to build favourites lists or other playlists ( I always add to favourites from the new releases on Qobuz posted on Friday mornings). These selections built on the PC will then appear in Mosaic for actual playing.


Thank you very much for your complete answer.

Although it may not be helpful right now, the upcoming ARM-based macs will be able to run iOS apps natively.

As a PC user I run an Android emulator and launch Moasic from there.

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AFAIK…I had to think about that one Pete! :smiley: Took me ages to suss out SHMBO! :joy:

I want to add to what Jeff wrote. The new M1-based Macs are now out, and they should be able to run Mosaic.

I’m still struggling :grin:

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I run mosaic on my M1 Mac without issues

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