Mosaic Feature Request - Album Length

It seems that the latest version of Mosaic has lost the album length that was previously displayed in the Play Queue screen.
While I like the grid layout there should be two lines allocated to album title as in Bubbleupnp - this is especially valuable for multi disc sets where the extra text is necessary to differentiate between discs.

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That would be a very useful feature. I asked Simon (MinimServer owner) to implement such a function in MinimServer but it is difficult there. However, it seems that Mosaic could display the length of the album not only in the Quee list tab, but also when we browse the album in the list of found albums.

On my iPad Pro 11" the Mosaic grid displays 4x2.5 album covers but does not seem to be configurable. By default I would prefer 5x3 layout even if this means squeezing the playingnow window. I appreciate that different phones/tablets will display different grids hence why user configuration is valuable.