Mosaic - best albums function


should be nice to have the ability to tag a folder, an album, an artist, …
something as a like which can appears as an icon on the detailed view at least
should be fine to tag directly from the list through the … access
something like a playlist, but at the album level.
with existing mosaic i can add a full album to a prefered playlist, but i see as a track list which is difficult to browse efficiently with a great number of tag
of course having multiple tags should be best of bread … but one should be fine


The function of marking favorite albums and placing them in a special tab for easy finding would be an interesting addition for DCS Mosaic. Maybe it would be easier to do it from the Minim Server side, but then Tidal or Qobuz users would not have such functionality.

let me add one more request.
i am using frequently the plays list. some times i am on a track and it gaves me the idea to swap to the relevant cd to see what’s about others tracks. at this time, i have to go back to the menu, browse the 2000 albums to find the good album.
why not a function on the right click to do : go the the relevant album


Being able to easily find the album from which the song is taken would be a great addition. I would also like to be able to quickly find the discography of a given artist whose album we are listening to. Find all albums.

you are able to do so via the memo search, but a direct link should be useful
memo search are the best way i found to avoid long browsing
but it’s difficult to have memo search for all situation