Mosaic BBC Radio Play

Checking the BBC national stations I am disappointed to find that Mosaic shows only R3 as AAC 320kb/s. All others seems to be the old MP3 128kb/s even though , according to the Beeb, all are available in AAC 320kb/s. R3 is the only one to avoid processing hence the unique “HD” appellation but otherwise all other BBC stations are available with this higher data rate.

Any reason why the URL preloaded into Mosaic is not for the AAC stream?

The contents of the radio catalog are determined by the radio provider (aggregator) and their licensing agreements with various stations. We’ve put in a number of requests to have parts of the catalog updated. Unfortunately, we don’t have any direct control over the stations that are in the catalog nor the specific URLs that are used.

Hi Andrew, I understand your situation however I do think it worthwhile pursuing this topic with your provider. After all these are the most popular radio stations in the UK ( and we are talking dCS :-)).

Meanwhile I am loving Mosaic. Staying with the radio topic I really appreciate the way podcasts are dealt with . Very direct navigation from a user’s point if view.

Andrew, if your radio aggregator cannot supply them, here are the URLs of the main BBC stations available as 320kbs AAC. These are as at 01.01.2018 but I believe them to remain current.

I understand that access may be restricted to users with a UK internet address:

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1Xtra

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4LW

BBC Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

BBC Radio 6 Music

BBC Asian Network

Our aggregator ends up using a slightly different interface / method for BBC stations. On the upside people outside the UK get slightly higher resolution than they can get from those HLS streams. On the downside people in the UK don’t get the same bitrate they would otherwise.

We’re looking into adding the high-rate streams but there is a technical complication due to the way in which the BBC has chosen to provide them.

If you are running minimserver then I can provide some instructions on how to access the BBC streams using some of the built-in streaming functionality that minimserver has.

Andrew, thanks for your further helpful advice.

I will be installing Minim Server to replace the, um, “eccentric”, Twonky UPnP server in four or so weeks time. Although I could install it now, I am told that it will be an automatic official update to the equipment that I use as NAS at around that time.Hopefully that will be a foolproof procedure :wink:

So I hope that you will not mind me contacting you at the end of July for the instructions that you kindly offer.