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This may be a question for Andrew P., but here goes.
It seems that over the past year there have been additional options for some of the audio settings for my Rossini and a recent new setting called DAC Mapper. Is there any documentation on what all these various parameters do? Some of them seem to have little to no effect. Perhaps it’s due to the source being listened to, but it’s difficult to know without documentation.

I remember several years ago John Quick had a handy cheat sheet for my Paganini to suggest filter settings depending the source (Redbook, Hi-rez) and the type of music (jazz, rock, classical).

The audio settings of interest are Upsampling, Filter, DSD Filter, DAC Mapper.

Thanks in advance,
Brian …

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Details of all dCS software upgrades and what they do can be found here:

However as you are waiting for the dCS guys to chime in I would point out to them once they arrive that, once again, this feature is not working. None of the links within the page function.

The DAC mapper is part of the v.2 upgrade. It allows a choice of how the music data are distributed ( mapped) to the latches in the Ring DAC .

I can only say that a similar upgrade was made available to Vivaldi earlier and that you WILL want it. The sonic improvement with the new mapping is very significant.

The new additional DSD filter is also beneficial and IMO preferable to the others.

Note in regard to the above that if Rossini follows Vivaldi the old mapping/filters remain available. These are new choices not replacements.

Thanks Pete.

I found this entry from @jfrench that the Vivaldi user manual contains descriptions for these audio settings.

Is this the link your mentioned isn’t currently working? (

Brian …

User manuals are on our website.

Here’s a direct link to the Rossini 2.0 manual:

Brian, no. That link comes up as “Not Found”. It is the link I posted and copied from the dCS website. This is ( to my knowledge) the second time that the “Documents” section has failed in the past few weeks. It seems to be the same failure e.g. Rossini Transport has disappeared as well as the lack of functionality.

Last time I reported it directly to the factory but, of course, they are now closed.

Thanks Andrew & Pete. Andrew’s link of version 3 of the Rossini user manual is what I was looking for.