Mosaic 1.1 Scope


Thanks for improving continuously the Mosaic software.

Now…Are we supposed to get a better sound with this upgrade or is it dedicated to new functionalities ?



The release notes seem to refer to just function rather than form :wink:

btw it’s worth doing the power cycle immediately prior to the update. I did it about 20 mins before attempting the update and it failed. Then I did power off/on then straight away the update and it worked fine. Remember to update the app as well.

Steve do you use the iOS app?

As far as I can tell UK App Store is not showing updated version yet

I updated my Bartok to 1.1.0, it seems to work with the old app

Android… updated this am with new things like the scroll bar.

Mosaic 1.1.0 is all about functional updates and bugfixes. In fact it’s safe to assume that any Mosaic update is only going to be related to functionality. We aren’t doing any DSP in the Mosaic processor so there’s no reason for a change there to impact sound.


Yesterday I received my Rossini Player (and Clock), so I’m a dCS newbie. To update Mosaic: turn off the Player and then turn it on. Will the Player update Mosaic automatically? Or are there ‘actions’ I have to take?

I already updated the app on my iPhone.

BTW. The Player/Clock combo sounds ‘good’ :smiley:



You will need to initiate the update from within Mosaic Control. First power cycle your device and then follow the instructions in section 3.6 of the Mosaic User Guide

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Thanks. It worked !


:+1: Thanks for the info.

AndyL, I updated my iOS version from the UK App Store yesterday ( 18th) at about 4:00 pm ( which may be a little later than your post). My Android app version updated automatically earlier that day.

I really like the new scroll bar and playlisting options. Full marks to dCS . What a class act :smiley:

Thanks Pete got it now

We can always hope that dCS will squeeze out
some SQ drops in the next update for the NWB :blush:

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