Modify the volume and song

Being able to raise or lower the volume or jump to the next song with the phone locked and thus not having to unlock it, enter Mosaic and apply the changes.

This function exists with Spotify and now with Roon. I think this new feature in Mosaic would be nice.


It would be a very convenient improvement. A pilot would not be needed in such a situation. For example, we pick up the iPad and we can go to the next recording, rewind by 30 seconds, turn up or mute it.

I asked to add this function more than a year ago, but apparently the dCS has its own view on this ))
In addition to ROON, mConnect, mControl, JRemote, Audirvana can control playback with a locked phone screen, but for some reason Mosaic is not. The remote control from my ATC SCA2 preamp, which turned out to be compatible with Bartok, helps me out.