Make additional features available through remote control

I just placed an order for a Bartók and meanwhile I’m studying the documentation. Besides the excellent sound quality, one of the key features that led me to decide for the product is its ability to perform both in a home theater setting, with a video player device and associated equipment such as a projector, and also as part of a hi-fi system, by leaving all the video equipment turned off and outside of the sound path.

For this I will rely on automation that, for the most part, can be done through the serial interface.

However two key features are really needed to make it 100% useful in the proposed scenario: enable/disable the device buffer and enable/disable the device display. This would allow video lip-sync and a dark room for video usage and optimal music reproduction and device status for music playing.

Therefore I’m suggesting to add these controls to the RS232 interface.

Thank you.

All of the settings you are requesting are available via the RS232 interface in text mode. I’ll send you the pertinent information via PM.

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Thank you ! Much appreciated.