Looking for dcs Remote

Dears, please let me know if I’m not in the right place for such request.

I’m looking for a dcs remote in silver like this one (new or used but in perfect condition)

In order to replace my oldest one

I’m located in Europe . Thanks for your support

The dCS Universal Remote is the silver one pictured by you. This remains a current item and your dCS dealer should be able to order one.

Thanks @PAR i will have a look. If by chance somebody has a used one for sale it could be also a good opportunity.

I should think there are lot’s off owners like myself that have the latest remote just sitting unused in the cupboard.
I am hoping that maybe one day dCS will update the vivaldi so the remote can do more for non transport users, and become usable with the streamer side off things or storage


I keep mine near our front door to ward off burgers and the like. It should strike fear in the hearts of any with untoward intent.