Looking for DAC <2kUSD

Hi all
I am looking for a DAC for my secondary system (Piega P8LTD active speakers RCA single ended, Violectric V280 FE XLR). As much as I love my (non APEX) Rossini, my budget for the secondary system is more limited than for my primary.
I am looking for suggestions for a DAC with volume control in the price range 1-2kUSD. Like with Rossini I am looking for good soundstage and musical flow as primary considerations.
I would be grateful for any hints.

Rudi, a couple of us on this forum are happy users of Benchmark Media equipment (a pre-amp/headphone amp in my case, although I’ve had one of their DACs in the past). Their DAC 3L is $1,999.

I would certainly recommend RME ADI-2 DAC FS (see https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html) which you could use either as a standalone dac/amp or connect via XLR (or SE) to your Violectric V280. Probably a very good match!

I can recomment the Holo Audio products. These are R2R DACs with optional upsampling. I know the Spring DAC is available with a preamp module, but may be out of your price range in Europe. They make a cheaper model called the Cyan that also has a built in pre-amp. These are a nice option if you want something other than off the shelf DAC chips in this price range.

I can recommend Topping D70( I’ve one in my second unit) or D90 , low price for very high sound quality.
Also you can look at R2R Denafrips several models and wide range of prices and all with a very good relationship price SQ.

Thanks to all of you. I think I will take a closer look at the suggested R2R models

I would have recommended Denafrips too, but they don’t offer volume control so you’d need a pre-amp. Let us know what you decide on!

Is anyone familiar with Danish Soekris 2541? I am based in Europe / Switzerland
Soekris Audio ApS, Products dac1541

Personally I use an RME ADI Dac 2 FS for my home office. A very solid, well-engineered and good sounding product.

Cost aside, I simply haven’t heard any other DAC that comes remotely close to my dCS

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