Looking for a used dCS standard , Premium , Universal remote?

Slight of topic;

I am looking for a searching for a used dCS standard plastic , Premium or Universal alu remote for around 250 £ tops price bracket, to control a Paganini DAC if someone got a spare one in OK condition, the you can send
me me a PM thanks👍

If your search for an original dCS remote is not successful the Logitech Harmony database says that all of their remotes will control dCS Paganini.

Ordered two new dCS Universal remotes, one black and one in silver finish, hoping that the vol. wheel feels like on the dac’s with some resistances and weight to it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it does not feel like the one on the unit at all. It’s has a lighter feel with more friction. Although this doesn’t feel nearly as nice, it’s probably more appropriate for a remote.

Curious, why do you need one in each color? :slight_smile:

My one does not quite seem to tally with your description. Perhaps it may depend upon which unit you are comparing the remote with.

In comparison with my Vivaldi the Universal Remote that I have has a volume control that has more heavily damped action. You certainly could not just spin it. It requires positive action to rotate. The Vivaldi control is far lighter in action.

So I would expect that Fredrik’s hope is likely to be met.

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Does anyone have a picture of a black remote they could share?

I’ve never seen one of these beasts, and am about to choose between the silver and black for my Bartók (which is black, and I rather like the finish — a lot nicer than most black gear in my opinion).

the black universal remote is not a common remote, because it was not long ago dCS started to fabricate the black finish on the universal remotes, and the dCS distributor did not even know that this finish was aviable before they looked it up and called dCS on my request.

So i dont think there is so many out there, but i will share a photo as fast i receive the Silver and Black remotes, so you can decide.

It takes 5 weeks from order to delivery, and i have waited about 4+ weeks now👍

I whent black for my black dCS setup and silver for the silver setup :+1:

Amazing — thanks, Fredrik. Looking forward to yours arriving now also :slight_smile:

Hope the finish on the black one is as nice as the units themselves…

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Ordered a black remote for my Bartók in the end…and it’s taking its time! Any sign of yours yet, Fredrik?

Yes i have received mine, took only aprox 5 month. :wink:

The remote is almost as long as the front panel is wide on the NetworkBridge :wink:

Both the Silver and Black remotes vol. wheel was very bad in feeling and did also have small inconvenient hacks in the movement when you turned the vol.knob, so i was forced to disassembly both and investigate what was wrong.

So it tuned out that a plastic spacer ring was turned up side down in the fabrication, and it was no lube on any moving part at all ;(

The vol. circuit is read out from a metall clock wheel and an optical sensor is reading from the moving metall wheel with high resolution.

So after some lithium grease lube was applied and correct assembled etc, the Alu vol.knob feels almost as light and precise as the dCS Paganini DAC vol.knob.

But i can argue why this was not dune from factory ?

Finally assembled right and it work so smoothly after 15 min upgrade fix, like i had hoped it should from factory :+1:

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Hi @Beolab I also have that remote, I hope you don’t mind me asking you a couple questions.

How do you get the cover off the remote? I only see the two screws under the battery cover. Once the two screws are removed everything still seems super tight, to the point that I feel like I would break the plastic.

Also is the picture of the plastic spacer fixed or still upside down in that second picture?

Finally (last one I promise!) I assume it must have been the smallest amount of grease on the spacer?

It’s no problem if it’s too much detail to answer. I am just happy you got it to work as you expected it to!

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Please do only perform this if you are experienced with electronics and mechanics, otherwise lend it in to a electronic service company is my advice .

There is 4 extra hex screws under the rubber dots, that you can pull out with a needle or something sharp and thin.

Then you will also need a locking ring bar tool to peel of the locking ring that holds the vol. nob, to put on lithium lube and pull it out and turn around the spacer if it is wrongly fitted

Yes the spacer on the picture shows how it was fitted wrongly up-side-down from factory.

You need to turn it around.

Then put on lithium lube on the fabric textile padding ring underneath the volume nob and on the plastic spacer including on the sides walks with a ear topz, then reverse the mounting procedure.

Turn the vol nob back and forth and you will feel the lube will lubricate and the feel will turn out like a high end remote.

Future plans:
I will in the next literation place a steel SKF bearing instead of using the plastic spacer so it will be almost identical like the the dCS dac vol nobs, but it feels good for now👍

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Thank you so much! The detail you provided also tells me I should probably not do this myself. I am ok at fixing minor things but I would hate to ruin the remote.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to give out this information and the warning!

Best regards,

Just this task is about 2/10 in difficulty level, so it is not so advanced, but i do not want to recommend anyone to perform this because you can void the warranty.

So you can always send it in to dCS so they can make it right and put som lube on the right parts to make it feel like a 900.00£ Remote as the intension was from the beginning, i can imagine.

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My black remote arrived in Boulder Creek eventually. (To be fair to dCS some of the delay was in getting it from the UK to the U.S.)

Sooooo happy with it. The biggest deals for me have been:

  • it forcing me to try sans preamp a bit more seriously. “What if I only needed the DAC, I thought?” (I didn’t. Woot!)
  • not needing to pick up my phone or iPad for basic stuff. This has been an absolute boon. So nice being able to pause, mute, prev/next on a device that doesn’t draw me into something other than the music.


Interestingly, @Beolab, the knob on mine feels good. Maybe ever so slightly less buttery than the Bartók itself, but nothing that would have me taking it to bits. If you’re fussier than I am then that’s something to be proud of. (I think :-))