Lina name Origin

I’m aware who Elgar, Purcell, Scarlatti, Vivaldi etc. were. However the name Lina has me foxed ( unless it’s named after a delicatessen in Soho :grinning:). I think there’s a Scandinavian composer called Lina Nyberg but that strikes me as a bit obscure. So, what is the origin?

I think Lina has been chosen to indicate a new product line of dCS (Lina in Latin means line).

And then any [combination] of the below meanings, like Li Na in Chinese: pretty, elegant.

So, Lina is breaking the dCS naming convention of composers.

I asked when it was launched, the answer I got from the dCS staff over a beer was “it’s just a name” (or something along those lines IIRC). So, pretty much what Erno’s posted :grin:

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Thanks to @Ermos and @Anupc . That all sounds very reasonable to me. It is, after all, the initial product in the head-fi line which differs not only in terms of product but also its sales profile.

Bartók HDAC was first… sucking me into dCS :grinning:

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Although Bartok offers an option of a headphone amp which preceded the release of Lina ,I believe that this is not regarded as being part of a new head-fi line. dCS refer to this in its video and text postings in Only The Music. For example in the text introduction to the video interview with Jude Mansella of dCS say :

“dCS entering the head-fi category with Lina.” and elsewhere " the creation of our latest product range: dCS Lina.". Note not product but product range.