Lina DAC with Shangra-La system?

Any thoughts? I want to check out electrostatic Headphones and energizer?

Anthony this is a double posting. You have asked the same question in another thread, " Bartok or Lina".

The issue with asking the same question in two threads is that it creates two streams of replies which may even contradict each other. It would help if you restricted the same question to a single posting.

Sorry didn’t want to sound like a moderator there. Anyway I have had a bit of time to think about the issue and it strikes me that on paper the combination is really a possible quality mismatch. To be clear we are talking of the reference Shangri-La and not the Shangri-La Jr. The Shangri-La system ( headphone and energiser - the latter necessary as Lina cannot drive electrostatic 'phones) is an attempt at the ultimate headphone. It costs $50,000. That idea of being the ultimate implies that the Shangri-La should also be driven by the ultimate not an entry level product ( even though it may be very good). To me the partner for Shagri-La has to be Vivaldi ( at this level DAC and Upsampler plus wordclock).

My other thought is that for $50K I want a proper demonstration not buying blind or just on online recommendations. Still, maybe you are wealthy enough just to bin it if you don’t like it :wink:.

Incidentally watch out for some online pricings. I have seen more than one where the dealer is obviously quoting for Shangri -La Jr whilst offering Shangi-La.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am talking about the JR as an entry into the electrostatic product as I have a credit with a dealer i was thinking of try the JR and using the Lina DAC for now. If i like the Sound, then I will explore further. I had electrostatic speakers over the years and always loved them even over higher priced B&W, Meridian etc so I thought I give the headphones a shot. Thx PS I understand about the dump issue

As you bring the jr . Into the mix this seems more like it. However, remember that you will still need the amplifier ( energiser) which brings the total cost to around £8k.

Interesting so please report back if you try it.

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Yes, I am thinking of the JR system, which I believe is the Amp and Headphones, still need a DAC to match.

Tried it…………left me cold. Lifeless and screechy

One word - STAX😆

Try the totl X9000 and a third party energiser (do not get a Stax energiser). A Mjolnir Carbon, HeadAmp Blue Hawaii, or an endgame Eksonic (Kerry) T2.
Then pair it with a dCS front end of your choosing.

End game

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Ultimately decided to stay with 2/3 of the Lina System. The Lina Dac and Master clock paired with the EF1000 Susvara amp with Susvara headphones. Cost me some time and money but that where I would up. Other than wanting more power from my Amp no mater what I tried, auditioned, bought and sold DCS seemed to jus be a cut above and the Lina pieces I mentioned could not be bested. My experimenting in the end just reinforced just how good the Lina Dac is. I am finally a happy camper.