Lina DAC Remote


I am using a DCS compatible remote which works as intended on the control functions, play pause, skip etc.

However I have noticed that when I turn the display off, the remote stops working. Turn the display back on and the remote works. Is there anything I’m missing or is this expected operation (which would be a bit odd).


When the display is off you have to push twice, for instance you push the forward button, first the display comes on, second push on the forward button (when display is still on) the track will go to the next.

Thanks for this.

I power cycled and after that the remote was working as you describe. However, I’m using Roon auto standby and switching back on after it has activated the remote no longer works. Another power cycle and it starts working again.

It appears that after Roon auto standby activates, with the display setting off, the remote stops working. Quite a strange one.