Lina Clock quirk?

Recently, I’ve been checking the Status readings on my Lina Master Clock. Occasionally, the worldclock 1 and wordclock 2 rates have a “hyphen” by them instead of the respective 44100 and 48000 numbers. The lock indicator is still on and the Bartok indicates that the clock is engaged. If I reset the front button on the Lina, the numbers reappear. Is this just a quirk or something amiss here?

Not too concerned, but I thought I’d inquire if anyone else ever sees those clock rate numbers disappear. Both units are left on at all times.

Hi Vray,
Could you please clarify a couple of things for me-
Where are you reading the status of the clock - is it in the Info menu on your Bartok’s front panel, or in Mosaic (and do you get the same behaviour in both places?)

Are you saying you’re pressing the small button under the front panel of the Lina Clock, and this toggles the number shown the for wordclock rate between 44100/48000 and “-”, but your Bartok front screen still shows W1 or W2 to indicate that it is locked?

I like to keep the same Bartok/Lina Clock combination on my desk to listen to… the only time I see the clock numbers disappear is when I haven’t reconnected my clock cables properly and it’ll occasionally click in and out of lock! It may also be worth checking that your cables are ok.


Sorry about the late replay. I never got my notification for your reply to my initial inquiry. I think I’ve tracked down what causes this issue. I’ll try to clarify the issue and explain my “fix.”

While, the front panel of my upgraded Bartok Apex indicates the “W” lock indicator with a number 1 or 2 by it, the mosiaic status screen shows the “-“ by both Word Clock indicators. When I toggle the clock engage/disengage switch on the front of the Lina Master Clock, readings on Mosaic come back.

I’ve checked by cables and there’s no connection issue. Here’s when it appears happen: whenever I power down the system and bring the clock back up first, the indicators on Mosaic show the “-“ and no numbers. If, on the other hand, I boot up the Bartok up FIRST and THEN boot up the Lina Master Clock, the Mosaic screen shows numbers properly. This phenomenon can also be caused whenever the Bartok occasionally, momentarily loses ethernet connection. I’m using a blue jeans certified ethernet cable and I’ve thoroughly checked connections. I don’t routinely lose internet, but it does happen briefly about once a week. I blame my internet service provider.

Does this help?

@Vray I didn’t get an email notification of your reply either, but this should work!

That’s interesting, I’ve followed those steps and I can’t replicate exactly what you describe.

Is is possible for you to post a photo of what the front panel display of your Bartok shows while the Mosaic status screen indicates “-” for the clock rates?
If you then navigate into the Bartok’s status screen on the front panel (press the Menu button three times from the front screen) and scroll down, what numbers are shown for Word Clocks 1 and 2 in there?

When you power these units down for this test, are they off entirely, or on standby mode? That is to say, is there still an LED lit on the front panel of either?
Do you still get the same behaviour whether they are completely off, or one or both is on standby?