Lina CD Transport

Due to the Lina’s modular footprint and the fact dCS have transports available in the Rossini and Vivaldi ranges, it would be good to see the Lina range get its own dedicated transport… Not asking dCS to step into the ripping storage field (stick to what they do best) but this seems like a natural progression for the range.

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A Lina phono stage and a Lina turntable would sell better I think…CDs…How many prospects ? In Japan ? But in Europe and in North America, not sure…

Lina SACD :slight_smile:


Lina Reel to Reel tape reader :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I am sure that there are some who would want such a thing just as others would like to see a Bartok transport.

Clint, are you thinking of a CD transport or CD/SACD one? If the latter then OEM mechanisms are limited. So limited there’s now only one ( the Esoteric one used in Vivaldi is nla and dCS have left a limited inventory). That is the Denon/Marantz used in Rossini Transport. This probably lands us in a price band not compatible with Lina even if a cheaper case was used.

There are things that dCS would need to be confident about and the size the potential market is not clear as @ChrisK alludes to. Of course there is some showing of a CD revival but industry figures do not show a recovery of CD sales only a slowdown to the rate of decline as a percentage of total industry income.

Even if the above issues were resolved there is another hurdle. There is no capacity in the Lina system for adding another component like a cd transport. This would require the system clock to add another 44.1 kHz wordclock output. So it isn’t just a case of a transport but a hardware upgrade to Lina system clock as well.


Given that the market for the Lina is mainly headphone listeners, I doubt a transport would be in high demand. CD players are not unheard of, but most headphone listeners primarily stream local files or from streaming services.

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Lina Turntable… 78rpm 8 inch :grin:

I would be in for that!

Cassettes are a thing now too. I see a lot of limited edition cassettes. I have to wonder what people are playing them on. My Nakamichi deck died years ago (after being repaired twice).

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For those who can read HiFi News there’s an excelent and rather snarky artcle on this cassette "revival"by Ken Kessler in tomorrow’s new edition.

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Hi Andrew,

I’m sure I saw that someone has started producing new Type II cassettes…

A friend of mine found a box of ten unused (still in wrappers) TDK MAX-G’s in his loft about - hmmm - 12 years or so ago and put them up on eBay individually and between them got over £600 even back then … cassettes have been an “underground thing” for a long time, they’re just getting to be a popular “retro” thing nowadays. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the prices that Dragons and 1000ZXL’s are fetching nowadays?? Hoooooeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Hi Ivo,

How about a SW/LW/FM Tuner and a DAT deck? :slight_smile:


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Hi Clint,

In all seriousness I don’t think we’d be able to get one of the Rossini or Vivaldi transports into that form factor - especially with supporting control and output boards and a proper power supply but we do flag all requests so they can go into the regular product meetings.

Ah yes … I’ve been there in “previous lives”… :grimacing:

All the best