Lina As a stand-alone DAC

Just reading the Lina review in HiFi news which suggests the Lina dac may find it’s way into main streaming systems, i.e., connected to a normal pre-amp and through speakers. Anyone tried or running that?

All your questions answered on the Youtube:

Thanks for that - fair to say he liked it…:wink:

I recently purchased the Lina DAC for use in my speaker system. I don’t even own headphones.

I like it very much!!

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Did you consider Bartok?

I did consider Bartok, but the smaller form factor and lower current price compelled me to try the Lina.

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I’m using one in my 2ch. Sounds amazing

I’ve since saved up and added the wordclock- which got delivered today. Can’t say anything on improvements yet

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Thanks all - this is really interesting. Will certainly like to hear what impact the clock makes.