Length of Included Ethernet CABLE

What is the length of the Ethernet cable included with the Lina DAC?

Hello Joseph. Lina DAC has a 2m cable supplied. For more information you can visit the manual here:

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@mark has answered you question but I would add that other cables are easily and cheaply available. dCS design the Ethernet interface to use good but basic cables. Many expensive cables may be uncertified as CAT components ( although they may offer unsubstantiated claims) and are shielded. These do not really meet the technical demands of dCS products. All you need are unshielded Ethernet cables with CAT verification . The unshielded types will probably be CAT 5e or CAT 6 UTP. For example many dCS engineers use Amazon basic items ( 0thers are available of course). So if the 2m one is insufficient for your needs alternatives are inexpensive

Most (all?) dCS user manuals explain that the supplied cables are basic commercial items. The cables will get you started but it is presumed that individuals may select their own preferences.