Lan ports: Main vs Open Loop

I have a Bartok that has a problem with the Main Lan Port ($800 cost to repair plus shipping, per dCS estimate).

Do I lose anything sonically if I switch to the Open Loop port?

I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but what is the difference between these two connections?

Thanks in advance for your help.

According to the manual the NETWORK LOOP connection is not supported so it looks like this would not work. @Phil will no doubt confirm.


As @struts001 has said, currently the use for the Network Loop port has not been defined and as such its use is not supported and we reserve the ability to change the operation of the Network Loop port should we decide to do so…


…at the present time the Network Loop port can be used as a network connection and we do sometimes get customers to swap over to that port whilst trying to diagnose issues so functionally you could use that port if you wish on the understanding that we may decide to use that port for something else in the future.

That port is only 10/100Mbit as opposed to 10/100/1000Mbit but from a “sonic” perspective there should be no penalty.



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Struts001 and Phil,
Many thanks for the prompt and informative responses. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks so much!

Hi Phil,
One more unrelated question.

I’m looking at purchasing a preowned Rossini (serial # RSD 54294) and wanted to get a little background information on it. Unfortunately, I’ve tried 3 times to use the contact form on the website but each time it states “incorrect email” yet I know it’s my correct email and I double checked it each time.

Is there any way to to move forward with my inequity?

Thank you,

Inquiry … not “inequity” (sorry)

Hi David,

If you drop an email to [email protected] then I can help you with the serial number query.

Could you grab me some screenshots or screengrabs of the contact form that you are submitting and the error that you are getting and I’ll get it to the web guys as we’re not getting any other issues reported so I’m curious as to what’s going on there.